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R.O.Y.A.D is a unique charity

In 1993, eleven families got together to start the first club in the Kingston area aimed at young, able-bodied adults with a mild learning disability. The members had a mixture of conditions but all were able to interact one with one another. It is now a thriving club of 60 members in Kingston and the surrounding boroughs. The club became a charity in 1997 and is a totally voluntary organisation. It is supported financially by fundraising, donations and grants.

R.O.Y.A.D.'s aim is to enhance the lives of its members through developing social, physical, educational and personal skills, which will help them achieve their maximum potential and level of independence in life.

R.O.Y.A.D. members have the opportunity to make new friends and learn awareness and appreciation of others. They have their own Members’ Forum through which they influence the running of the Charity.

At R.O.Y.A.D. everyone makes a contribution and every carer is asked to volunteer some of his or her spare time. If you have friends who would benefit from membership and who live in our catchment area of about 10 miles around Kingston, why not contact us and tell us about them.

At R.O.Y.A.D. members are referred from a wide range of statutory and voluntary organisations. We also consider self-referrals.

Currently we are changing the lives of 60 people who have mild learning disabilities.

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